Justin Reed Early is the author of STREET CHILD: A Memoir and a public speaker who was homeless for much of his adolescent and teenage years.

Born in Bellingham, WA,  most of his homeless years were spent in Seattle, San Francisco and New York. He was a credited participant in the renowned documentary “Streetwise”, which was nominated for an Academy Award (1984).

While dodging serial killers and predators, including a juvenile court judge who oversees his custody, Justin articulates the familial bonds made with other street children while protecting each other in an increasingly dangerous yet invisible world.

By telling these authentic stories with oftentimes devastating outcomes, he articulates the stark reality of life on the streets for countless young people. Though many of Justin’s peers from the streets — homeless youth themselves — did not live to tell their stories, he brings them back to life by telling their stories to others.

Justin will take the audience on an emotional journey of abandonment, homelessness, recovery, and ultimately triumph which inspires thousands to stand together to battle social injustices including child abuse and homelessness.