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by Ms. Carol on Street Child - A Memoir
Great Book

Amazing young man. This book should be a best seller. It proves only the strong survive. Amazing story. Congratulations Sir.

Heartbreaking, Inspiring and Wonderful

I downloaded your book from Amazon Kindle the other day and just finished reading it last night. I was and am really touch by your story, but i am happy that you now have a beautiful life. Keep good health and wish you all the very best.

street child

all I can say is WOW.You are truly strong God Bless

by Lee Mayers on Street Child - A Memoir
A Gem!

This book deserves to be on the new York times bestseller list. It's better than a lot of books i've read from that list. This book gives follows the story of Justin Reed Early, a boy who was displaced by his father and forced to live on the streets for most of his young life. This book was a chilling roller coaster ride from start to finish, there are no dull moments. The book helps you realize that at the end of the day we are all the same. It's our circumstances which differ. 5 stars!

Tears in my eyes

With tears in my eyes, from the deepest part of my heart, I thank you! I downloaded your book yesterday morning and finished it this morning. You and your book helped me get through my first night in years without alcohol. You have affected me in more ways then I can communicate. Much love, much respect:)

by Verified Kindle Reviewer on Street Child - A Memoir
A wonderful book

Very emotional and sometimes hard to read because of having trouble seeing through the tears. I very highly recommend this book.

by Kate Maldonado on Street Child - A Memoir
Moving, inspiriing, and funny too

I highly recommend this book-Mr Early is an excellent, evocative writer. I've seen the Streetwise documentary and am familiar with Seattle. The doc is good, but seemed staged. I was around Seattle in the 80's and the language of Streetchild is authentic to my ears.


Could not put it down and once I finished reading it, it stuck with me like all great books. I feel like your brain acquires more capacity with the differing perspective of what life could bring. I would recommend to anyone.

by Dawn M. Loughner on Street Child - A Memoir
What a story!

This book really taught me a lot. I never realized the extent of the problems...that there are so many kids who live in the streets in our country. I think the author is amazing to have overcome all the adversity & risen above it. It's a story every American should read!

I have read your book a few times, and I must say thank you. It has compelled me to do more with my life. It truly is an amazingly powerful story!
Michelle Lynn Robinson

Hard luck memoirs have grown extra cheap in recent years, partly due to the celebration of bogus ones. Justin Reed Early’s StreetChild: An Unpaved Passage (AuthorHouse, 289 pages, $19.98) is no such thing. While authenticity is far from the be-all or end-all when it comes to writing, it does have value, and Early’s story is both true and — even as it quotes tons of pop and house music lyrics — unsentimental enough to recognize salvation in an abusive parent’s cancer. It includes time spent on Polk Street and Pike Place, and it intersects the 1984 documentary Streetwise. He’s sharing it with kids living on the streets today, through readings and outreach work. (Huston)

Street Child is not for the faint of heart.
JNicole Broduer

Just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I was affected by your book. I hope you and your mother are doing well. All the best!
London, England